Entox is committed to close engagement with Research, Industry and the Wider Community. The appointment of these leaders as Adjunct Professors in the Centre enriches its  research programs. Their contribution to the Centre is highly valued.

Lesa Aylward Honorary A/Professor
Amy Heffernan Honoary Fellow
Michael Bartkow Honoary Fellow
Beate Escher Honorary Professor
Darryl Hawker Honorary Professor
Joop Hermens Honorary Professor
Karen Kennedy Adjunct Fellow
Munro Mortimer Honorary Senior Fellow
Peta Neale Honorary Fellow
Olaf Paepke Adjunct Professor
Christopher Portier Honorary Professor
Amjad Shraim Adjunct Senior Fellow
Daniel Stalter Honoary Fellow
Ian Stewart Honoary Fellow
Tetsuya Suzuki Honorary Professor
Martin Van Den Berg Honorary Professor
Walter Vetter Honorary Professor


Adjunct and Honorary Staff section

Dr Lesa Aylward

Dr Aylward is an Honorary Associate Professor with a joint appointment between Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute and the National Research Center for Environmental Toxicology (Entox) and a Principal at Summit Toxicology, LLP.

Dr Michael Bartkow

Position Honorary Senior Research Fellow - Entox Senior Research Scientist - Seqwater Contact Details

Professor Beate Escher

Position Honorary Professor, Entox Contact Details Phone: +61 (0)7 3274 9009 Fax: +61 (0)7 3274 9003 Postal: Entox 39 Kessels Road Coo...

Dr Peta Neale

Position Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow Contact Details Email: p.neale@uq.edu.au Background Peta Neale is an environmental scientist and the main aim...

Dr Daniel Stalter

Position Postdoctoral Fellow Contact Details Phone: +61 (0)408 736 397 Fax: +61 (0)7 3274 9003 Postal: Entox 39 Kessels Road Coopers Pl...

Amy Heffernan

 Name: Dr Amy Heffernan  Position: Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow
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