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Phone: +61 (0)7 3000 9197
Fax: +61 (0)7 3274 9003
National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology
39 Kessels Road
Coopers Plains, QLD 4108
Email: j.mueller@uq.edu.au


The work of Jochen is supported by a research team that works on many aspects related to the occurence of organic pollutants. These include the development of novel monitoring techniques, evaluation of sources, fate and human body burden and the integration of bio-analytical detection techniques for monitoring purposes.

Jochen and his team have played a major role in Australia’s National Dioxin Program adn other national projects on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) including the relatively new POPs (brominated flame retardants, perfluorinated compounds).

Selected Research Projects

  • Evaluation of traditional and emerging pollutants in humans (fate and human body burden) and the environment
  • Development and application of novel monitoring techniques for aquatic pollutants.
  • Development and application of passive samplers for monitoring atmospheric pollutants.
  • Estimation of chemical consumption/exposure in the population through wastewater analysis
  • Development and application of passive samplers for monitoring atmospheric pollutants.
  • Combining passive sampling and toxicity testing techniques for monitoring purpose.
  • Emission of toxic chemicals from bushfires.

Selected Publications

  • Toms LML, Harden F, Paepke O, Hobson P, Ryan JJ, Mueller JF. Higher accumulation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in infants than in adults. Environmental Science and Technology 2008;42(19):7510-7515.

  • Shaw, M. and Mueller, JF. Time integrative passive sampling: how well do Chemcatchers integrate fluctuating pollutant concentrations? Environmental Science and Technology 2009; 43:1443-1448

  • Toms LML, Calafat AM, Kato K, Thompson J, Harden F, Hobson P, Sjodin A, Mueller JF. Polyfluoroalkyl chemicals in pooled blood serum from infants, children and adults in Australia. Environmental Science and Technology 2009; 43:4194-4199

  • Toms LML, Sjödin A, Harden F, Hobson P, Jones R, Edenfield E, Mueller, JF. 2009 – in press. Concentrations of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in pooled human serum are higher in children (aged 2-5 years) than in infants and adults. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2009; 117:1461-1465.

  • Kennedy K, Macova M, Leusch F, Bartkow ME, Hawker DW, Zhao B, Denison MS and Mueller JF. Assessing indoor air exposures using passive sampling with bioanalytical methods for estrogenicity and aryl hydrocarbon receptor activity. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2009; 94: 1413-1421

  • Vetter W, Haase- Aschoff P, Rosenfelder N, Komarova T. Mueller JF. Determination of Halogenated Natural Products in Passive Samplers Deployed along the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland/Australia. Environmental Science and Technology 2009; 43:6131-6137

  • Kennedy, K., Hawker, D.W., Bartkow, M.E., Carter, S., Ishikawa, Y., Mueller, J.F. The potential effect of differential ambient and deployment chambers on PRC derived sampling rates with polyurethane foam (PUF) passive air samplers. Environmental Pollution 2010; 158: 142-147

  • Shaw, M., Furnas, M.J., Fabricius, K., Haynes, D., Carter, S., Eaglesham, G., Mueller, J.F. Monitoring pesticides in the Great Barrier Reef. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2010; 60:113-122

  • Thompson, J., Lorber, M., Toms, L-M., Kato, K., Calafat, A.M., Mueller, J.F., Use of simple pharmacokinetic modelling to characterize exposure of Australians to perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid. Environment International 2010; 36:390-397

  • Ort, C., Lawrence, M., Reungout, J., Mueller, J.F. Sampling for PPCPs in wastewater systems: A comparison of different sampling modes and optimization strategies. Environmental Science and Technology 2010, 44, 6289-6296.

  • Rosenfelder, N., Van Zee, N., Mueller, J.F., Gaus, C., Vetter, W. Development and use of a novel nontarget GC/EI-MS selected ion monitoring method for a thorough investigation of polyhalogenated compounds in environmental samples with quadrupole systems. Analytical Chemistry 2010, 82, 9835-9842.

  • O’Brien, D., Booij, K., Hawker, D., Mueller, J.F. A method for the in-situ calibration of a passive phosphate sampler in estuarine and marine waters. Environmental Science and Technology 2011, 45, 2871-2877

  • Mueller, J.F., Mortimer, M.R., O’Brien, J., Komarova, T., Carter, S., A cleaner river: Long term use of semipermeable membrane devices demonstrate that concentrations of selected organochlorines and PAHs in the Brisbane River estuary Queensland have reduces substantially over the past decade. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2011, 63, 73-76

  • Lai, F.Y., Ort, C., Gartner, C., Carter, S., Prichard, J., Kirkbride, P., Bruno, R., Hall, W., Eaglesham, G., Mueller, J.F. Refining the estimation of illicit drug consumptions from wastewater analysis: coanalysis of prescription pharmaceuticals and uncertainty assessment. Water Research 2011; 45: 4437-4448.

  • Thompson, J., Eaglesham, G., Mueller, J.F. Concentrations of PFOS, PFOA and other perfluorinated alkyl acids in Australia drinking water. Chemosphere 2011, 83, 1320-1325

  • Kaserzon, S., Kennedy, K., Hawker, D., Thompson, J., Carter, S., Roach, A., Booij, K., Mueller, J.F. Development, calibration and validation of a passive sampler for perfluorinated alkyl carboxylates and sulfonates in water. Environmental Science and Technology 2012, 46, 4985-4993

  • Black, R., Meyer, C.P., Yates, A., van Zwieten, L., Chittim, B.G., Gaus, C., Mueller, J.F. Release of native and mass labelled PCDD/PCDF from soil heated to simulate bushfires. Environmental Pollution 2012, 166, 10-16

  • Callan, A.C., Hinwood, A.L. Heffernan, A., Eaglesham, G., Mueller, J.F., Odland, J.O., Urinary bisphenol A concentration in pregnant women. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental accepted Oct. 2012

Link to http://www.researcherid.com/rid/C-6241-2008 for Professor Jochen Mueller's full list of publications.

Research Students

  • Foon Yin Lai - PhD Candidate
  • Sarit Kaserzon - PhD Candidate
  • Yiqin Chen - PhD Candidate
  • Amy Heffernan - PhD Candidate
  • Phillip Mecurio III - PhD Candidate
  • Jake O'Brien - PhD Candidate
  • Xianyu Wang - PhD Candidate


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