Research at Entox generates new knowledge on the sources, fate, exposure, and effects of environmental contaminants and natural toxins in our environment and uses the knowledge gained to develop and apply improved tools and methodologies for assessing the risk caused to humans and the environment, and for minimisation of potential risk.

Entox's research is organised into the following research themes (see links below):

Research Themes section

Bioanalytical Tools

Group Leader: Janet Tang Senior collaborators: Matti Lang, Jochen Mueller,

Source and Fate of Micropollutants

Group Leader: Caroline Gaus Senior collaborators: Jochen Mueller, Beate Escher Objective...

Exposure Monitoring

Group Leader: Jochen Mueller Senior collaborators: Beate Escher & Caroline Gaus Obje...

Risk Assessment and Intervention

Group Leader: Jack Ng Senior collaborators: Barry Chiswell, A'edah Abu Bakar, Alan Seawright,

Mechanistic Toxicology

Group Leader: Matti Lang Senior collaborators: Jack Ng, A'edah Abu Bakar Objective ...
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